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What are Autoresponders or List servers?

That's a great question since almost everyone on the web comes into contact with them, but most people don't know it. Autoresponders (AR) and list servers are the software that manage on-line subscriptions. When a form is filled-out on a website, and you receive a confirmation e-mail - that is an AR in action.

In today's online world, ARs are become even more important, as ecommerce focuses on building subscriber lists from visitors to websites. Why? Because those visitors that agree to 'opt-in' to a newsletter or ezine are more likely to eventually make a product purchase from that website.

Most Autoresponders today also have built-in functions to automate the sending of newsletters, ezines, bulletins, and pre-defined series report emails.

Before establishing an automated information capture system, you should be aware of your options. Here are three categories of Autoresponders:

1) You can contract with a service bureau for a monthly fee and they will receive subscriptions, manage your subscriber database , and allow you to e-mail your subscribers through their servers. Pro - Virtually no technical knowledge is necessary and help is readily available. Con - Monthly fees never end, and if the company is unscrupulous, you may have your subscriber list compromised - avery bad thing!

2) You can purchase the AR program software, install it on your PC and manage the subscriber lists yourself. Pro - Complete control of your lists and a one-time purchase cost. Con - Having the software reside on your local PC means potential delays for opt-in confirmations and other 'interactive' functions. Some software management knowledge is required.

3) You can purchase and install the AR program on your website's server. Pro - Allows full 'interactive' functionality, including double opt-in subscriptions and has back-up capabilities. One time purchase Con - A good level of software and server systems management is required for set-up. Many of these companies have support for the installation phase however.

AutoResponse Plus

 AutoResponse Plus


This is category 3 software, and the one we use for all websites we develop and operate. It has a wide range of receiving subscriptions including webform, e-mail, and automated or manual list additions.

Even better, it has double opt-in, opt-out, and detailed record keeping of all subscribers actions. This is critical to have 'proof' of subscription in case a subscriber claims you are spamming them.

The Autoresponse Plus system also is excellent at managing outgoing correspondence, including pre-defined series emails, newsletters, bulletins, and ezines. It also allows subscriber s to specify whether they prefer receiving 'text' or 'html' in their email.

We find the Autoresponse Plus system does a great job and the support is very good as well.




Have a question about AutoResponders? Just give us a call at (760) 240-6323, or send an e-mail to


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