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How do I get high search engines ranking for my site?

Today's challenge is to get maximum exposure through high search engine rankings. A few years ago that was relatively easy, just randomly enter your key works in the meta tags and throughout the body of the page using color masking.

But now the search engines are much more sophisticated, and the use of these 'spamming' techniques can actually get your site excluded from key search engines.

What to do? The trend is toward refocusing on good marketing design techniques. It is also on reducing the 'cute tricks' that, when discovered by the search engine programmers, become significant liabilities.

There are three options available for improving your sites search engine ranking results:

1) Play around with your site. Change the parameters and see what happens. This can take a long time before hitting on the best results.

2) Go to a search engine optimization company with pay for service.

3) Utilize one of the search optimization software programs. We have found that WebPosition Gold is one of the most sophisticated, and does get good results.

WebPosition Gold

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